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Nicasa’s programs provide a full continuum of mental health and substance abuse services from prevention, to early intervention and treatment, to recovery. They also address additional behavioral health needs such as anger management, life skills, and gambling intervention.

Nicasa helps:

  • Teenagers who suffer from depression, anxiety, or the effects of bullying
  • Mothers who are caught in the downward spiral of addiction, abuse, and homelessness
  • Students who need a safe, constructive environment during the after school hours
  • Parents who want the skills, knowledge, and support to raise healthy children
  • Youth who need a fresh start with the knowledge and skills to make good decisions
  • Schools who are searching for alternatives for suspension or other problem behaviors
  • Families struggling with a variety of crises that may or may not include alcohol or other drugs
  • Men and women who need extra structure and support to maintain successful recovery

We specialize in treating individuals, couples and families and we offer comprehensive services dealing with:

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