School Services

Nicasa provides a variety of programs for students and parents at schools.  All school services are available in English and Spanish.

In-School Programming

ECHO —Empowering Choices for Healthy Outcomes

Based on scientifically-proven prevention strategies, ECHO is designed for elementary and middle school children. In an interactive, classroom or small group setting, students are empowered to identify their strengths and enhance their skills. ECHO programming is contracted through individual schools and districts.

Alternative to Suspension

Programming designed as an alternative to suspension from school.  This programming builds on the youth’s strengths, develops character, and prevents additional delinquent behavior during the day while the student is suspended.  Alternative to Suspension programs are provided on a contractual basis and modified to meet the unique needs of the school and its students and parents.

After School Programming

Nicasa’s after school programs for middle school and high school students provide academic assistance and tutoring, life skills and drug and alcohol education, career development and exploration, recreation, and enrichment activities. They are designed to motivate the students to work toward a healthy and successful future. Nicasa has provided or is currenly providing this program at Round Lake Middle schools, Round Lake High School and Waukegan’s Miguel Juarez Middle school. Other after school programming is available on a contractual basis.

2018-2019 Registration Packets for Round Lake High School, Round Lake Middle School, and John T. Magee Middle School

2018-2019  New_19_WELCOME-LETTER-ENGLISH (4)and After school Registration-English (2)

2018-2019 Welcome-Letter-Spanish (1) (1) and Registration-Packet-Spanish (4)

Please print out packet and return to the school your child attends or to Nicasa’s headquarters in Round Lake.

Parent Education

Nicasa’s parent education and support programs are adapted from the nationally-recognized, award-winning Parent Project, which was developed by Nicasa in 1988.  Nicasa recognizes that healthy family functioning can be an important factor in preventing youth substance use and other risky behaviors. Parent programming at the schools is provided on a contractual basis modified to meet the unique needs of the school and its students and parents.

School-Based Health Center

Nicasa provides behavioral health services at the Round Lake Student Health and Wellness Center. Substance abuse and mental health assessments, individual therapy, and group counseling are available with one of Nicasa’s master’s level adolescent counselors.

If you are interested in learning more about our School-Based Services or bringing them into your school, please contact our Prevention Services Coordinator at (847) 546-6450.