In order to keep you and your family safe and to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Nicasa has temporarily introduced new agency visitation restrictions. If you do not feel safe or comfortable attending your appointment, please contact (847)546-6450 to reschedule.

General Resources

Mental Health Adult Groups Telehealth for Educators

Rosecrance Educator’s Support Group helps our local educators share their stressful and often times difficult experiences with other educators as they navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

A 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You will be routed to the closest possible crisis center in your area.

Aids Information

Information about HIV/AIDS.

GRASP (Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing)

Help, compassion, and understanding for individuals and families who have lost someone as a result of substance use or addiction.

Quit Smoking Community

Information and a link to a national online support group for those trying to quit smoking.

American Cancer Society

Tips on healthy lifestyles.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the most at-risk people in our community stay safe at home, while getting the supplies they need. It works by connecting local volunteers who can run critical errands, such as grocery shopping, with the most vulnerable members of our community. If you or someone you know needs help, fill out a request. If you are healthy and able to volunteer, please sign up to help. Together, we can help flatten the curve of COVID-19 by protecting our community’s most vulnerable.