Family Advocacy Center and Services

Is your family in crisis? Have you lost your job or home and are unsure how to provide for your family? Do you want help with learning how to support your children?

Our family counselors are trained to help you address the crises you face, step-by-step, and develop a plan, based your strengths, to bring your family back to stability and peace. Family Advocacy Services are available in English and Spanish. We also specialize in assisting military and veteran families.

Family Advocacy Services are provided at no cost to the family.

We serve families throughout Lake County, IL who meet the following eligibility:

  • Parents/Caregivers with at least one child 18 years or younger (either at home or in other custody).
  • Participation in our parent education group is required.

We provide the following in English and Spanish:

  • Confidential sessions with a compassionate counselor.
  • Personalized plans based on your family’s unique situation.
  • Connection to supportive resources available in Lake County.
  • Confidential internal referrals to other Nicasa services (as needed) for substance abuse, mental health, and more.
  • Confidential external referrals for a variety of needs (e.g. healthcare, domestic violence counseling, financial assistance, food, etc.)
  • Parent education, classes, support, and connection.
  • Compassionate service, advocacy, and case management, including (but not limited to):
    • Home visits.
    • General and family counseling.
    • Practical and emotional support during court, medical, and other visits.
    • Follow-up communication with the family.
    • Health insurance assistance (Medicaid application).
    • Legal services and immigration issues.
    • Shelter and housing assistance (identifying, locating, and applications with local housing programs – no Section 8 vouchers).

Family Advocacy Services are available at the North Chicago (Family Advocacy Center) and Round Lake locations. To make an appointment, please contact us:

Round Lake – (847) 546-6450

North Chicago (Family Advocacy Center) – (847) 785-8660

When you arrive for your first appointment, please provide your ID, proof of address, and any supporting documentation for the reason you are seeking services.

Parent Programming

Nicasa’s parent education and support programs are adapted from the nationally recognized, award-winning Parent Project, which was developed by Nicasa in 1988. We recognize that healthy family functioning can be an important factor in preventing youth substance use and other risky behaviors. Nicasa provides parent programming at our facilities, as well as in workplaces and schools.

Parent programming is available in English and Spanish during day and evening hours. Parent education at Nicasa’s Round Lake and North Chicago offices is free. Parent programming at workplaces, schools and other community locations is available on a contractual basis. If you are an external location, please contact us at (847) 546-6450 or for scheduling and contractual agreement.

Funding for Family Advocacy Services is provided by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.