Each year, millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition, as 1 in 5 U.S. adults will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Everyone, however, is affected or impacted by mental illness through friends and family.

Nicasa provides mental health services for individuals, couples and families using a ‘person centered approach’ that focuses on strengths and involves the client in their own treatment trajectory.

It is very hard for a client to admit that there is an issue and pursue change. Acknowledging the issue and doing something about it are the first steps to wellness. 95% of our clients who engage in their treatment and complete their personalized program see an improvement in their wellness! Less than 15% of our clients who have a dual diagnosis (mental health condition coupled with alcohol or substance abuse) drop out of treatment at Nicasa.

In 2016, 36% of our mental health clients served were youths and 64% were adults. 42% of our clients were Hispanic which is significant because historically this demographic has not had access to affordable, convenient, and culturally competent mental health care.


Our 12 year old client who had become nonverbal both at school and at home was referred to Nicasa. The client chose not to communicate with teachers, parents or peers. Grades and social interactions suffered as a result. The client’s parents felt hopeless because they did not understand their child’s illness. The client was tested for developmental issues and all tests came back normal.

The client remained consistent in therapy, working with the Nicasa clinician for two years. The client also engaged with a specialized group of other age-appropriate Nicasa clients and family therapy was incorporated in the treatment plan. Because of the client and the family’s commitment to getting well, as well as the clinician’s commitment to seeing improvement, the client has made amazing progress. The client is now 14 years old. Communication with peers, teachers and parents has drastically improved. As communication skills have increased, the relationship with the client’s parents has stabilized. The client participates in an out-of-school enrichment activity and is enjoying positive social interaction with peers. The client is now ready to be successfully discharged from treatment!


Nicasa offers youth and adult behavioral modification groups that use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing and Systems therapies. These are used to target and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, personality disorders, bipolar and trauma.
A Mental Health Assessment is performed to enable the clinician to determine diagnosis and goodness of fit in treatment. A treatment plan is prepared using a person centered approach to therapy.

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Nicasa’s Mission and Vision
Mission: Nicasa empowers and promotes healthy lifestyles to prevent and treat substance abuse, addiction, and other risky behaviors.
Vision: Nicasa will be the premier behavioral and social health services organization for individuals, families, and communities in northern Illinois and beyond.

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